PDN and Columbia Model Schools

The PDN initiative connects Districts 4 and 6 schools with high-performing model schools (selected in part for strong ELA performance) that have distinguished themselves by leveraging technology as a transformative tool in the classroom. These schools have been selected by the Division of Information and Instructional Technology (DIIT) to serve as citywide models through a unique partnership with Columbia SIPA Model Technology Schools Case Study Project (NYC DOE/Columbia Project). Teams from PDN schools (the teams may consist of the school leader, lead ELA/ technology teachers/coaches, and students), will participate in guided intervisitations using the NETs-aligned Dimensions of a 21st Century School assessment tool designed by Teaching Matters Inc. (TMI) in collaboration with NYC principals and DIIT. The tool offers a framework that will allow team members to assess both the schools they are visiting and their own school as 21st century schools. This initial assessment will be followed by professional development and on-site support to create an action plan to move schools along the Dimensions of a 21st Century School continuum with a focus on ELA instruction. The program will also incorporate online collaboration and the sharing of resources focused on effective and innovative literacy strategies among educators through an online community.

List of Model Schools
  • Brooklyn Technical High School, Principal Randy Asher (13K430)
  • East-West School of International Studies, Principal Benjamin Sherman (25Q281)
  • The Goddard School, Principal William Fitzgerald (27Q202)
  • IS 318 Eugenio Maria de Hostos, Principal Fortunato Rubino (14K318)
  • MS 339, Principal Jason Levy (09X339)
  • NYC iSchool, Principals Alisa Berger and Mary Moss (02M376)
  • PS 5 Port Morris, Principal Mary Padilla (07X005)
  • The Verrazano School, Principal Gregg Korrol (21K101)

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