PDN Grant Goals

Goal 1: To develop and implement School-wide 21st Century Education Action Plans to transform English language arts instruction and learning
Goal 2: To develop and implement platforms to share innovative technology practices school-wide
Goal 3: To develop technology-infused ELA curriculum units
Goal 4: To improve student academic achievement through the use of technology

Grant Schools Receive

  • Assessment of your school’s progress along the continuum of 21st century success
  • Development of an action plan to move your school across the continuum of 21st century success
  • Development of a student innovation squad that will help your school move its vision into the 21st century
  • Subscription to the My Access! auto grading writing assessment program
  • Subscription to the engaging Writing Matters online literacy program
  • Support in helping your students become creators of published content in areas of passion
  • Invitations to visit New York City’s most innovative schools
  • Support in hosting your school’s own innovation celebration
  • Free participation in 21st century ELA and innovation institutes, forums, and seminars
  • A technician dedicated to supporting grant schools
  • Hardware to include items such as laptops, projectors, digital cameras, video cameras, and other electronic mobile devices (pending budget availability)

PDN Grant Logic Model