Using iTouches to create Audio Files
Preparing for PS 102 Innovation Field Trip
May 10, 2011 3:30 – 5:30 PM
• Setting up an iTunes Account
Download iTunes on classroom laptop
Create iTunes Account using iTunes Gift Card
Sync iTouch to account

• Real Player to convert audio file to MP3

Download Real Player to your machine at (PC or Mac)

Making the voice recording

Connect the microphone to the iTouch
Click on the voice recorder icon on the iTouch
Press the red record button and begin recording
When recording is complete press the same button to stop recording

•Transferring the Audio File to your Computer

Connect the iTouch to the computer
iTunes will open
Look under Playlists for voice memos and click
Find the new voice recording and Click on it to rename
Copy to desktop
Open recording with right click
Open with RealPlayer
In RealPlayer convert to MP3 only
Save in: Music folder or folder on desktop
Click Start
• How to Upload a Voice Recording to the eZine

Open e-Zine and log in
Click Submit Writing to this e-zine
Add Title
Choose Section
Type brief description in the body
Scroll down to Podcast your writing
Browse (My Music or Folder on desktop)
Open, Upload, Submit
Voice Recording will appear when the section on the left navigation bar is opened
Click to listen
Do Podcasts Help Students Learn?