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Sent: Mon 2/27/2012 11:40 AM
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Subject: FW: NYTLA demo school logins and guides
Good Morning Everyone!

In anticipation of our conference call this Fridat at 2pm, I'd like to invite you all to please follow the directions below and start to roam freely through the NYTLA system in it's current state so that you can all help provide feedback to us at the end of the week, and also start to verify whether you feel that the alignments to the Common Core standards is in alignment or if you have any constructive comments about how we may be able to suggest improvements.

Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from everyone this Friday!

Here are the logins, a quick walkthrough document, and user guides for the school we've just created.

Login page is found here:

This is the same build the pilot schools are using. We have created 4 IDs to log in to this school. They all use the same password

password is pa$$W0rd

(password contains a zero instead of the letter O and the W is capitalized)

1. Teacher - username: panderson

2. Student - username: jvelandia
3. Student Tech Leader - username: acastranova
4. Advisor - username: elmo

We recommend you start by opening the attachment "NYTLA Sandbox Walkthrough.pdf" and following the directions to guide you on a quick, high-level tour through the system. This sandbox school is pre-populated with users and several projects in various stages of completion. The Walkthrough document has a 2 page tour for each role and will allow you to experience the system quickly without having to start from scratch.

If you do want to delve further, please see the attached User Guides. Feel free to add new students, STLs, classes, teachers and projects. The Teacher User Guide explains how to do all these things. The Student User Guide explains it from a student point of view.

The two User Guides are the same ones we have been sending to the pilot sites as we add new features. We update these every time there is a new build for the pilot schools, plus send email with new features, fixed bugs, etc.

Please remember that NYTLA is a work in progress with some major features still to be added. If people find bugs they are welcome to send us a bug report.

Features included in this build:
User login, profiles, setup
File upload and download
Academic standards
ISTE NETS scoring
Student, STL and teacher tech literacy assessment
Messaging and announcements
First cut of curriculum & student guide (Learn section)

Not yet implemented:
Showcase (searchable database of approved projects)
Toolkit, final edit of curriculum and other resources (Learn section)

If you would like to comment back to me prior to the meeting, please email me at

Thanks! "See" everyone on Friday!

Jeanne Weber
Director, Suffolk Regional Information Center
Eastern Suffolk BOCES
15 Andrea Rd
Holbrook, NY 11741
office: 631-244-4210
fax: 631-244-2507

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